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Cold Clay
When darkness falls and
the heat-less vessels called
stars dot the sky above
the cold and barren
clay of the creek bed,
you come.  
Like a vision of light against
the coal-dusted woods,
you show your countenance
favorably upon me (for once),
dark curls brushing against bare shoulders.
I shouldn't miss you.
I don't miss you.
And yet you remain.
The dark of night couldn't
hid or remove the spark from
your eye, and though your hands
grew cold against my arm,
I for awhile forgot.
And with the cruel sunrise
you grasped my hand and slipped
away, though the feeling of
your fingers brushing
my face remained.
I shouldn't miss you.
I don't miss you.
But when you leave, I cry.
The cool stone of your
marker presses firmly into
my side, your name in
granite etched in both
my heart and my senses.
I sigh and pull myself
from my reveries and from
the icy tombs on the edge
of the woods and into the
sun, it's soothing warmth a balm against my pain.
I should miss you.
I don't miss you.
So why does i
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I saw you from across the room; we spoke for just a while.
We laughed and told each other secrets, flashing secret smiles.
But then I awoke, that summer night, somber in my bed.
The stars were bright and the water was cold when we sailed across the sea.
We charted a course never travelled before; we sailed, just you and me.
But then I awoke, that autumn night, somber in my bed.
We fell in love and made our vows, and drank to joy and friends.
We drank to love and peace and hope; we drank to health and kin.
But then I awoke, that winter night, somber in my bed.
You fell asleep the other day; I wish I had told you the truth.
No. I wasted my chance and never spoke, squandered my chances in youth.
So I fell asleep too, this cold spring morn, to awaken never again.
:iconkahreme:KahReme 1 4
Razor's Edge (Prologue)
Zachariah Cross laid his hand on his writhing son’s head, attempting to soothe the tremors running through his body.
“You know what must be done, Captain. Alex is gone.” The older man closed his eyes and tried to steady his voice before answering.
“Have you ever lost a child, Bridges?” Zachariah looked into his subordinate’s eyes, cold steel meeting deepest blue. “Have you ever had a child, a person all your own and yet belonging to itself? Sung a lullaby to a fussy baby? Taught your son how to play the piano? Nursed them while they were ill?” He turned his back to the man behind him and smoothed his son’s hair over his forehead.
“I’ve feared losing him since the day he was born, but this…This is never how I’d pictured it.” His voice broke on the last word and silent sobs racked his thin frame. Bridges shifted uneasily from foot to foot. He had seen the broken man in front of him take down monsters, des
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BeMine by KahReme BeMine :iconkahreme:KahReme 0 0
Firefly Caverns
Outside her house a storm raged. Anra shot up in bed as the thunder crashed and then faded into the night. The sky lit up as lightning zigzagged to the ground and the rain pounded the roof. Anra trailed a blanket across the floor as she walked over to the window to watch the thunderstorm. Plopping down on the window seat, she watched the lightning dance over the harbor. The waves surged out of control on the shore, tossing around sailboats like toys in a child’s bath. She leaned her forehead on the cool windowpane and sighed.
‘Looks like I’m not getting back to sleep tonight,’ she thought. She couldn’t handle storms, ever since her father had gone missing while on duty at the harbor. A storm had sprung up and he had been pulled out to sea while trying to save another person. They had both been missing for two days before turning up on one of the outlying islands. Even though her father had been returned to her, the damage had been done. Storms terrified he
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Charcoal Sketches
Kain had been sleeping for at least an hour, and it was driving Drew crazy. He had been studying his form for the majority of that time; his eyes traveled slowly, almost languidly over the contours of Kain’s body. A few tiny streams of sunlight crept in from the blinds and settled on Kain's face. Drew had never liked the sun much, especially now that he couldn’t even stand to be in it without a thick coat of sunscreen and at least three layers of clothing, but Kain's skin looked gorgeous bathed in its orange glow.
Drew lingered over his slightly chapped pink lips, his shock of curly strawberry blonde hair; over his long eyelashes and his hands, clasped together as if in prayer. Before he knew what he was doing, he had knelt beside his boyfriend, fascinated by the way his eyes moved under his eyelids. Kain shifted, and the scars marring his face on the right side were thrown into sharper relief. Gently, gently, Drew traced the scars with a feather light touch, careful not to
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A Haunting Birthday Ch. 2.5 UnBeta'd (Will Edit)
America had finally come out of the closet, but wouldn’t sit anywhere near the ‘creepy as hell dead guy.’ In fact, he seemed to be trying to keep Arthur away from Gilbert as well.
“Alfred, you idiot, let me go!!!” The American currently had Arthur pinned against the wall, holding his face so that the man was looking him in the eyes.
“How do I know he hasn’t used his freaky powers to possess you? How do I know it’s really you talking to me?” His voice took on an edge of panic. “How do I know you’re still you?” As ridiculous as all this sounded, Gilbert couldn’t help but feel a little insulted at the accusations Alfred had been throwing up against him. He may have been a dick while he was alive, but that didn’t make him inherently evil as a spirit. Hell, he could be Gilbert the friendly ghost for all they knew!
“Alfred,” Arthur said, struggling to soften his tone, “Think for one bloody m
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Bad Pun France Meme Thing by KahReme Bad Pun France Meme Thing :iconkahreme:KahReme 33 16 Toys by KahReme Toys :iconkahreme:KahReme 0 0
A Haunting Birthday Chapter 2
A/N: I want to thank everyone for being so patient!!! My Internet has been broken for weeks, and I've felt so guilty T~T Anyway, I just wanted to thank the academy for this wonderful hon-
Canada: Excuse me, but-
K: Who are you?
Canada:    * sighs * I'm Canada.
K:  Oh right. What do you want?
Canada: The disclaimer?
K: Oh, right. I don't, in anyway, own any elements in this story but the plot. And Gil.
Canada: * threateningly picks up hockey stick  * Excuse me?
K: ^ ^; Just kidding?
Prussia: While he's beating the holy hell out of her, on with the story, right?
K: Save me!!!!!!
Prussia: You're on your own.
((OH, AND SUPER THANKS TO MY AMAZING BETA WARQUEEN94. :D :D :D I couldn't do it without you, Kiki!!!))
         Gilbert paced nervously in front of the blonde Englishman's house, debating whether or not to knock or run away. Running his hand through his already tousled hair, he had just decided to lea
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Hetalia Mochis by KahReme Hetalia Mochis :iconkahreme:KahReme 0 2
A Haunting Birthday
In Which Prussia Is a 'Ghost'
It's Prussia's birthday. Hilarity ensues. Brief PruCan
The alarm buzzed loudly, breaking the silence of the early German dawn. Silencing it, the Prussian broke into a huge grin.
'Finally!!! It's the most awesome holiday; my birthday!!!' He rolled out of bed, not bothering to pick his blankets up off the floor and booted up his computer.
'First, we'll go see MySpace.' He opened his page, and to his surprise there wasn't a single birthday greeting.
'That's odd…Maybe they're all on my FaceBook…' He frowned when there wasn't a single notification. It was the same story for his Twitter, Tumblr, or even his MyYearbook.
'Not even my own brother remembered. Next time his ass needs saving, just see if the Awesome Prussian Empire goes out of its way to help. Jerks!' He logged off his computer and swiveled around in his chair. Officially pissed, he threw open his door with a bang and stalked to the kitchen. Feliciano stood over the stove making breakfast. W
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KahReme Pilgrim vs. DevArt by KahReme KahReme Pilgrim vs. DevArt :iconkahreme:KahReme 0 0

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Pirate AntonioxReader-Ch.9
Pirate Antonio x Reader-Chapter 9
Yo, ho, haul together
Hoist the colors high
Heave, ho, thieves and beggars
Never shall we die

You barely slept the rest of night, too much was on your mind and you were getting anxious about what was going to happen in the morning. Francis and Gilbert took you back to Antonio's ship which was docked off shore away from the docks. The first one to recognize you was Roland, raising an eyebrow when he saw you and the others. "Well now! I w's wonderin' when ya gits were finally gonna come back." He looked at you and nodded his head. "And hello again to you lass. Glad you're alright." You smiled a bit, "Thanks…I wish I could say the same about the captain and Romano…" Roland gave a puzzled look, "What did the capt'n get 'imself into this time?"
You had two choices: lie to him and wait or tell him the truth and risk the crew getting worked up and yelling at you. You were about to speak but Francis beat you to that, putting a hand on your sho
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